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Monthly Archives: January, 2020

TMJ disorder

The Relationship between Bruxism and TMJ

January 29th, 2020 Posted by TMJ 0 comments on “The Relationship between Bruxism and TMJ”

Bruxism is another word for grinding your teeth. Similar to chewing fingernails, some people grind their teeth as a habit. Some people also tend to clench or grind their teeth during their sleep when they are overly stressed. This habit tends to wear down the teeth surfaces and damage joints in the jaw. If you are worried about your oral health, visit our dentist in  Brevard, NC.

The Correlation Between Bruxism and  Joint Disorders

Constantly grinding the teeth can cause trauma to the temporomandibular joint. The joint and the cartilage disc within it are being used constantly, and over time, they can wear down causing pain or making you unable to fully open or close your jaw with ease. Although stress can play a role in TMJ disorders, it has also been shown that poor posture, poor diet, inconsistent sleeping habits, and misaligned teeth may also be factors.


Not only is a condition painful within the jaw joint, but it can also cause cracking and chipping of your teeth. If you are experiencing any issues with your jaw, you should visit Water Oak Dental Group as soon as possible. If your condition is still relatively minor, then treatment might consist of making lifestyle changes. Practicing relaxation techniques and massaging your jaw may aid in pain relief.

If those activities are not sufficient, you may be advised to wear a mouthguard. Many people grind their teeth at night, so wearing this equipment while you sleep will help protect your teeth. It will also reduce the impact exerted on your joints, which in return will reduce the severity of the symptoms. Ultimately, bite alignment therapy is available in the event that bruxism results in malocclusions.

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Dental Implant Benifits

Key Benefits of Dental Implants

January 24th, 2020 Posted by Dental Implants 0 comments on “Key Benefits of Dental Implants”

When it comes to removing a missing tooth there is no shortage of options. Inside a smile there are plenty of ways to fill a void. But in Hendersonville, NC, dental implants come with some outstanding advantages that you need to remember.

  1. Practically a New Tooth 

The implant actually acts as an artificial tooth root which is implanted surgically into the jaw bone. After the implant has gone through the osseointegration process, an abutment and crown are placed on top. A tooth’s entire structure gets replaced instead of just what you see. This is essential to keeping your jaw bone strong and preserving your facial structure.

  1. Outstanding Longevity 

Most dental restorations last as long as ten to twenty years. That might not sound like a long time, but if you’re young, that means you might only need to have your implants replaced a few times over your entire life. They last for decades, since implants fuse with the jaw bone. Some patients implants even last them the rest of their lives.

  1. Restored Chewing Power

Dental implants are extremely reliable.  So you won’t have to watch what you’re eating like with other restorations. Dental Implants can enhance your chewing power allowing you to chew and talk just like natural teeth.

  1. Protection for Other Teeth 

Teeth are always eager to move and shift around. The fact that they are all side by side keeps this from happening. But, when a gap develops, the other teeth may be sliding around to make up for the extra space. A dental implant stays wherever it belongs.

  1. Protection for Jaw Bone 

Dental implants also help to maintain and secure your jaw bone. Without your tooth’s root stimulating your jawbone, it will start to deteriorate. This will cause your face to appear to have a sunken look over time. Implants help you keep your aesthetic more youthful for a longer period of time.

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