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Dental Patient In Pain From TMJ

What Could Be Causing Your Head And Neck Pain?

April 30th, 2021 Oral Health 0 comments on “What Could Be Causing Your Head And Neck Pain?”

Have you ever experienced pain or swelling in your face, head, or neck area? Do you have trouble chewing or feel discomfort in your jaw area when eating? While head and neck pain may be caused by a number of different reasons, there may be a specific underlying cause of these symptoms. These are just a few symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), which affects your temporomandibular joints (TMJ). This disorder is most common among people between the ages of 20 and 40. While the direct cause of TMD is unknown, some reasons may include jaw injury, teeth grinding or clinching, or joint arthritis. Additional symptoms of TMD can include: jaw popping and stiffness, migraines or frequent head and neckaches, misaligned teeth, eye pain, and ear aches.


Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms? Here’s What To Do!

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to visit a dental specialist that focuses on diagnosing and treating TMD-related symptoms. Proper diagnosis of TMD from a dental specialist can set you on the right track to freedom from head, neck or jaw pain and swelling, or, if you do not have TMD, your dental specialist can refer you to alternative care. A dentist can evaluate your symptoms and create a customized treatment plan specifically for you. Dr. David Krishingner specializes in treating TMD and offers a few great options to minimize your symptoms and prevent your TMD from becoming more severe. These include:

  • Relaxing your face: keep this rule in mind – “lips together, teeth apart”
  • Avoid teeth grinding
  • Avoid constant gum chewing
  • Chew food evenly on both sides of your mouth
  • Practice good posture: keep your head up, back straight and shoulders squared

While head and neck pain along with other discomforts can be quite disruptive, visiting a dental specialist can help you discover and treat the cause.


Ready to Get Started?

Contact our dentist, Dr. David KrishingnerDr. Jeffrey RootDr. John Krishingner, and Dr. Meghan Valde, in our office in Brevard, NC and get started on a path to freedom from head and neck by scheduling a consultation today!

depicting family dentist in hendersonville nc

What Are the Benefits of Family Dentistry and What Should I Look for in Prospects?

June 12th, 2019 Oral Health 0 comments on “What Are the Benefits of Family Dentistry and What Should I Look for in Prospects?”

Finding a good family dentist can be a difficult process. There are so many things you must consider before making a decision. And once you’ve made a decision, do you stick with it or uproot your family and try another dental practice?

Your family dentist will be a long-term health care provider for every member of your household, so it’s especially critical to spend a good amount of time finding the best one for you and your loved ones. Here are some things to pay attention to when narrowing your search for a family dentist in Hendersonville, NC.

Your Insurance

The first thing to consider when looking for a family dentist is your family’s dental plan. As much as we all like options, finding a family dentist that accepts your insurance is a great way to narrow down the field.

Yes, you can go out-of-network to get a family dentist you know your family will love, but expect to pay much more out of pocket than you would with a dentist in your network. So check your dental insurance provider’s rules.

Doctor’s Advice

Talk to your primary care physician. Doctors know other doctors, including those who specialize in oral medicine. Ask your doctor for recommendations for a good family dentist.

You can learn a lot about your options based on who your primary care physician recommends and who they don’t.

Availability: Proximity, Office Hours, Wait Times
One of the biggest benefits of going with a family dentist is that every member of your household, or immediate family, can go to a single location for dental care. So you’ll want to give a lot of weight to convenience when narrowing your list of prospective family dental facilities.

Here a few things to check with regards to convenience:

Location – How close is their office to your home? How will school zones and rush hour traffic impact the location’s convenience?

Operating hours – Does a prospective dentist’s office stay open long enough, or enough days out of the week, to easily accommodate your family’s busy, weaving schedule.

Wait times – Read verified reviews about a prospective dental office to get a better idea about how long you and your family can expect to wait for a typical appointment.

Take a Tour
Go see for yourself! Many dentists will happily offer tours of their office to individuals and families looking to become regular patients. You’ll get a better idea of what you can expect from the staff, the facilities, the services and their technology.

Take the next step. Click here to schedule a tour or consultation with a family dentist in Hendersonville NC.

4 Signs of Poor Health Found In Your Mouth   

September 5th, 2017 Oral Health 0 comments on “4 Signs of Poor Health Found In Your Mouth   ”

Your body systems interrelate with one another. Therefore, certain symptoms that develop in one area might point to an issue somewhere else. One place to pay attention to is your mouth and teeth. Your oral health reveals some important insights into your general health. That is why the dentists at Water Oak Dental Group educates patients on important signs to watch out for.