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Choosing the Invisalign Process

March 20th, 2020 Orthodontics 0 comments on “Choosing the Invisalign Process”

Invisalign has taken the forefront of orthodontics because of their discreet ability to align your teeth. While this may seem like an excellent choice to achieve straight teeth, many patients do not fully understand the process of these clear aligners or who is a proper candidate. Before choosing this process, here is a helpful outline on what to expect before going through the clear aligner treatment.

The Consultation

During the initial stages, you will go through a consultation with your doctor. During this time, your dentist will inform you if you’d be a proper candidate for this orthodontic procedure. To be a candidate, you will need to have minor misalignments, because they don’t aren’t made for majorly crooked teeth.

If you do qualify, your dentist will evaluate your teeth and create a customized treatment plan during your consultation.

Aligners at Home

Once you go through the consultation appointment, you will have impressions of your teeth taken. These impressions will be the foundation for the creation of your aligners. From here, personalized trays will be made for your step by step process, in which you will switch out every two weeks or so. It is recommended that you wear your clear aligners for most of the day. Although they are removable, the best results occur if they are work for at least 22 hours. You will need to see our dentist once every six to eight weeks to get your next set to continue your alignment process. This appointment is also necessary to ensure your teeth are moving as needed.

Length of the Treatment

Most individuals will wear Invisalign for between 12 and 18 months. However, a lot of people begin to see the results within a few weeks. Everyone’s teeth are different, so everyone’s treatment will be different.

To learn more if this is an orthodontic process that fits your lifestyle, contact our team. We will be able to provide you with proper information and any further details on this treatment plan.