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Dental Patient Suffering From Mouth Pain Caused By Wisdom Teeth Impacting Her Adult Teeth

4 Risks of Not Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

June 23rd, 2021 General Dentistry, Oral Health 0 comments on “4 Risks of Not Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed”

Many doctors recommends people in Brevard, NC get their wisdom teeth removed when they are still fairly young! When people receive this tooth extraction when they are in their teens or 20s, there is a reduced likelihood of experiencing complications as a result from the surgery. Waiting even a few years can increase your odds of having the following health problems.


1. Damage to the Adjacent Teeth

Four teeth will try to erupt if you do not get them removed. In a vast majority of cases, there is not enough room in the patient’s mouth for the teeth to grow. As a result, they will rub against the adjacent teeth. This leads to further damage, and your other teeth may become misaligned and required treatment down the line.

2. Pericoronitis

This is a medical condition where the soft tissue in the mouth becomes inflamed. The symptoms of this condition include a slight fever, discomfort and extreme pain. When this occurs, the only way to find relief from the pain is to get rid of the impacted wisdom tooth.

3. Jaw Fracture

Wisdom teeth put an immense amount of pressure on the jawbone. While it tends to be rare, some people will experience fractures within the bone. Not only will you need surgery to remove the teeth, but you will require additional surgery to repair the bone tissue.

4. Increased Risk of Gum Disease

In the event these rearmost teeth erupt, they are extremely difficult to clean. Even when the teeth erupt with no complications, the person may not be able to clean them properly, which can increase the person’s risk of developing cavities and gum disease.


Get These Teeth Removed Right Away

Parents of teens should make sure their children undergo this procedure with our doctors, Dr. David KrishingnerDr. Jeffrey RootDr. John Krishingner, and Dr. Meghan Valde, in our office in Brevard, NC. Contact us at our new patient line, (828) 884-3421, to schedule the appointment, especially if you or your teen starts experiencing discomfort from the wisdom teeth!

Invisalign Patient Wearing Her Retainers, Slowly Taking Them Out

Invisalign®: Discreetly Straighten Teeth Your Teeth

June 8th, 2021 Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Health, Orthodontics 0 comments on “Invisalign®: Discreetly Straighten Teeth Your Teeth”

Your smile is a direct source of self-confidence, a remarkable part of who you are, and how you express your feelings! Do not embarrassment from misaligned teeth prevent you from living freely and confidently in your smile. If you wish to straighten your teeth, but you don’t want cumbersome metal dental braces, there is a remedy. Invisalign® is the most discreet way to straighten teeth in Brevard, NC and can provide you the smile you’ve always desired!


What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic therapy that utilizes clear plastic trays rather than metal braces to straighten out teeth. These trays are custom-fitted to just how your teeth are positioned at the start of your therapy and are precision-fabricated to have minor adjustments in their form. Over the length of your treatment, they’ll delicately press your teeth right into a straighter placement.

How Is Invisalign Better?

Visually, when compared to bracket-and-wire braces, Invisalign® is transparent, and hard to notice while being worn. For adults and teens, this is a considerable advantage as it does not impact your appearance during the treatment. The plastic trays are made for your mouth and have no sharp sides, so they’re much more comfortable to wear than conventional braces as well. Invisalign clear aligners are also removable, so you can maintain your typical eating habits and dental hygiene regimen.

Our Invisalign Process

The Invisalign treatment procedure initially starts with digital impressions taken of your mouth. These impressions are extremely accurate and are utilized to custom develop your series of clear aligners. You’ll end up wearing these aligners for around 20-22 hours every day, removing them only when you eat, drink, brush, and floss. Over the following months, your teeth will naturally move into position, while you enjoy the benefits of undetectable orthodontics!


Ready to Get Started with Invisalign?

Metallic braces aren’t your only orthodontic option, and most patients are good prospects for Invisalign! If you want a very discreet solution, schedule an appointment by calling our new patient line at (828) 884-3421 with our office in Brevard, NC. Our doctors, Dr. David KrishingnerDr. Jeffrey RootDr. John Krishingner, and Dr. Meghan Valde, will provide a personalized treatment so you can appreciate a lovely smile permanently!

Dental Patient Holding Her Invisalign Retainers In Front Of Her Mouth

The Facts about Invisalign® Orthodontic Treatment

May 21st, 2021 Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Oral Health, Orthodontics 0 comments on “The Facts about Invisalign® Orthodontic Treatment”

When Invisalign® was first revealed more than 20 years ago, a lot of dental patients have wondered how they could possibly have their smiles realigned without brackets and wires. Now, Invisalign® is now one of the most trusted methods of orthodontic treatment used by Brevard, NC dentists.

Many people still have questions about whether Invisalign® the right option for their orthodontic needs. If you are stuck between Invisalign® and a different type of orthodontic solution, consider some facts about clear braces:


Invisalign® Offers Discreet Teeth Movement

Many consumers often are shocked to learn that some of their friends and colleagues currently wear Invisalign®! The clear, plastic aligners are created from thin, nearly invisible plastic. They are strong enough to consistently move teeth into a natural position, but practically see-through.

Both adults and teenagers appreciate being able to straighten their teeth without announcing to the world that they have braces.

Invisalign® Costs About the Same as Bracketed Braces

With Invisalign®, consumers can expect to pay around the same amount as they would for traditional metallic dental braces. The price of transparent aligners has regularly gone down thanks to newer technologies that have come out recently. If you have dental insurance that will pay for orthodontic care, you may have only a small copay.

Invisalign® Works Very Quickly in Most Cases

For people who want to move their teeth fast, Invisalign® might be the best choice for them! Clear aligners assert just the right amount of force on the teeth needed at the time, promoting speedy—but safe—movements in tooth positions. Users change out clear aligners approximately every two weeks, ensuring that tooth movement remains steady.

Invisalign® Promotes Good Dental Hygiene

A huge issue for many wearers of traditional metallic bracketed braces is the difficulty to keep teeth and gums free from cavity-causing plaque! Getting dental floss under wires tends to be very frustrating, and many wearers of traditional braces simply forgo flossing.

Invisalign® aligners are designed to be removed during meals, and not reinserted until the teeth and gums have been properly cleaned. Consequently, patients get the benefit of a cleaner, fresher mouth where decay is less likely to happen.


Getting a Consultation for Invisalign®

Are you interested in knowing all your choices when it comes to Invisalign® and other orthodontic treatments? Contact our office in Brevard, NC at our new patient line in (828) 884-3421 to schedule an appointment with our doctors, Dr. David KrishingnerDr. Jeffrey RootDr. John Krishingner, and Dr. Meghan Valde, trained to fix crooked smiles, tooth crowding, tooth gaps, and bite misalignments using the Invisalign® method. By this time next year, your smile could be totally revitalized—and your confidence, too.