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Alycia discusses her Cerec Crown procedure at Water Oak Dental.

I thought it was going to be so painful and that the pain would last for a long time, and that I would not be able to function well. But every time the numbing was really effective and in a couple of hours I was not in pain anymore, and that was huge for me.

-Alycia Andrade Benton

Invisaligns were very attractive because they are essentially invisible.  So it’s been very reassuring and convenient for me to be able to get any dental work done right here without having to go to another location.

-Joe Narsavage

Joe discusses his experience with invisaligns at Water Oak Dental.

Meredith discusses why Water Oak Dental is best for her family.

One of the things I do appreciate about Water Oak Dental is that they do keep up with the technology that is available. We can do everything here from I guess minor procedures for dental operations all the way up through orthodontics. One of my oldest children has had their braces done here at the office, so it’s just nice to come to a local establishment and take care of all your dental needs.

-Merideth Baldridge

It was actually a couple of consultations that we went through and I wanted something else.  But I am glad I went with what he chose because he knew what he was doing and it came out right, and I loved them..

-Dana Patterson

Dana discusses her dental veneer procedure at Water Oak Dental.

Eden discusses her experience with braces at Water Oak Dental.

If you need braces you should come to Dr. Root and he’ll tell you when you’re going to come back and what you are going to do. And he is just like really nice.

-Eden Galloway

For about a week, a week and a half it was a little uncomfortable. There was no pain really at all, and with the temporary veneers really you couldn’t tell that much difference. Then about a week after that I came back and had the permanent veneers put in, never experienced any pain at all and did not have any discomfort. Just like one day bad teeth, next day perfect teeth and it was really great.

-Billy Higgins

Billy discusses his experience with veneers at Water Oak Dental.

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