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Cosmetic dentistry options

Give Your Smile a Makeover

October 9th, 2019 Cosmetic Dentistry 0 comments on “Give Your Smile a Makeover”

Have you ever thought about enhancing your smile? If you have then we at Water Oak Dental Group suggest reviewing our cosmetic dentistry options. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to improve your oral health while allowing you to feel confident with your smile and teeth. There are three major types of cosmetic dentistry procedures: teeth whitening, dental implants, and dental veneers.

Veneers – help resolve numerous issues such as have cracked or crooked teeth, damaged enamel, and even gaps between the teeth. The veneer is applied to the front of each tooth using a dental adhesive to hold it in place. To make sure your veneers look as natural as possible they are customized to fit your individual teeth. You look realistic because they are designed to resemble your teeth.

Teeth whitening – is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry and is also known as teeth bleaching. This is mainly performed when your teeth become stained from things like foods, beverages, or even smoking. A whitening treatment can be completed in as little as one visit to our office.

Before you undergo this procedure, your teeth should be thoroughly cleaned and removed of all plaque and tartar build-up, so the treatment has a stronger effect. The longevity of the treatment’s’ effects largely depends on your personal oral hygiene, but teeth typically stay whitened for 4-12 months.

Dental implants – can be a permanent solution to replacing lost teeth. This procedure is very safe with more than a 96% success rate. The procedure consists of a titanium screw being surgically placed into your jaw where the missing tooth is. This provides the support for the crown that will then be held in place. Implants are also designed specifically for you in order to match your other teeth, giving you a natural look.

Interested in any of these cosmetic dentistry options?  Schedule an appointment with Dr. David S. Krishingner at our offices in Brevard, North Carolina to learn more and find out what method or procedure works best for you.